Organic coffee beans

What is an organic coffee bean? Organic coffee beans are beans which have been grown under strict conditions laid down by various governments and overseeing organizations ensuring the purity of the product.

In short, these conditions state that the organic coffee beans have to be grown without the use of chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers on land which has been left fallow for anything from three to ten years to allow any such chemicals existing in the soil to degrade. The coffee beans cannot be in any way genetically modified or given any chemicals to aid growth or improve the quality of the end product. Any flavoring added to the organic coffee beans must not be synthetic and the same applies to colorings and preservatives. Even the packaging must conform to prevent any chemicals or metal salts breaking down and contaminating the coffee beans during storage.

Any variety of coffee bean can be grown organically and all of the main coffee providers will have organic coffee beans available usually sold under their own label.

How do you know your coffee beans are truly organic?

The extent to which a bag of coffee beans are organic can vary but they must be labeled accordingly. They will have one of the three statements on the pack:

  1. 100% Organic Coffee Beans – If you see this you can be certain that the coffee beans you have purchased are completely organic.
  2. Organic Coffee Beans – To be allowed to display such a claim a minimum of 95% of the coffee beans are organic.
  3. Contains Organic Coffee Beans – Buy a pack of coffee beans with this label you would be guaranteed that 75% of the coffee beans in the packet are organic.

The main advantage which draws avid coffee drinkers to buy organic coffee beans is the knowledge that the beans they grind to make their morning coffee are totally unadulterated and the flavor they savor is that of pure coffee. The one disadvantage which may prevent some from purchasing 100% organic coffee beans is the cost – good things always come at a price.

The biggest barrier to purchasing organic coffee is that it is not always widely available at your local store – other than some specialty stores. It has to be borne in mind that sales of organic coffee beans still only make up a very small proportion of the coffee bean market. However, buying online is a great option. Top quality organic coffee beans delivered directly to your door.

gourmet coffee

Coffee is what makes the world go round! Some of the most important historical events took place in coffee houses – one of the most famous has to be The Boston Tea Party which was planned in the Green Dragon Coffee House.

It is part of our culture and for many of us, it is our way of coping with a hectic lifestyle. It gets us moving in the morning and when we want to relax we reach for a steaming mug of coffee. So why do we often drink mediocre coffee when we should indulge ourselves in the best coffee we can afford.

Gourmet coffee

What is the difference? Well, quite simply gourmet coffee is produced using the best coffee beans – Arabica coffee beans to be precise as these are coffee beans of the highest quality and grow in countries across the world with dry, hot climates and areas of high altitudes such as Ethiopia, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia. There are many more coffee producing counties stretching along the line of the equator between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, 53 in all but the quality of beans does vary greatly.

Each year there are around 7 million tons of green coffee beans produced across the globe and when you consider that a huge percentage of these coffee cherries picked for gourmet coffee are picked by hand you can appreciate the task growers face. There is machinery available to carry out this work but it tends to damage the very delicate coffee beans. Consumers paying premium prices deserve a premium product and that is exactly what the producers aim to give them.

Gourmet coffee brings in millions and millions of dollars every year either through consumers purchasing their preferred gourmet coffee to consume in the comfort of their own homes or by those who prefer to visit a coffee shop favored by them for a daily coffee fix.

The ultimate in the enjoyment of gourmet coffee has to be purchasing good quality beans and grinding them as required for the freshest and best mug of coffee you will ever taste! Remember, it is best to freeze whole beans in a sealed container to keep them at their best, only removing enough to keep you in coffee for the day!


Hot Chocolate an espresso machine

You don’t have to always stick to the general convention especially when it comes to a coffee maker. Did you know you can also make delicious hot chocolate with an espresso machine? if you never like how hot chocolate turns out if you make it with a microwave because it always overflows then this trick should help you get the technique down. Find out how to make hot chocolate with espresso machine here and save yourself from possible failed attempts and mess.

What You Need to Make Delicious Hot Chocolate

The first thing you need to complete this method how to make hot chocolate with espresso machine is, of course, get all the necessary ingredients, such as:

  • A coffee maker or the best espresso machine you have
  • A few packs of hot chocolate mix
  • Water

How to Make it

  • You need to fill the espresso machine with water. You can fill it up with about 6 cups.
  • Pour the powder of hot chocolate from the packs into the coffee carafe place into the machine. For 6 cups of water, you can add 4 packs of the hot chocolate mix.
  • Turn the machine on and let it run
  • Stir the hot chocolate liquid when it’s all done and make sure the powder is all dissolved
  • Pour it into the mugs and add marshmallows

If you feel like making your own cocoa chocolate then here’s how you do it.

  • Grate two pieces of 100% cocoa chocolate on the finest side of the cheese grater
  • Fill a milk jug with the amount of milk you need for a single cup of hot chocolate
  • Put the grated chocolate into the milk and then stir it around for a little bit with a fork or spoon so it will distribute nicely.
  • Texture your milk with a steam wand with minimal froth and then stop when the temperature tag changes color.
  • From this on, you don’t need to stir it anymore because the hot chocolate is already perfectly distributed throughout the milk and you don’t need to worry about anything settling out on the bottom of the cup.

If you don’t own a cheese grater, you can ground cacao in the coffee maker in place of where you put the coffee. Use a blade grinder to do this because cacao contains high fat so it tends to clog the burrs of a coffee grinder. Don’t forget to grind much coarser than you normally would for espresso.

What Type of Coffee Maker is The Best for Making Hot Chocolate?

Another tip how to make hot chocolate with an espresso machine is choosing the right coffee machine. Also, that is important is knowing the type of coffee maker as well. There are several the best espresso machines you can buy in the market. If you have a limited budget but you want to have the best, you can start with an espresso machine under $300. With that price, you will get a perfect espresso machine to make a hot chocolate. So, here is the type of coffee maker you need to know.

  • A Coffee vending machine
    It’s the easiest type of coffee maker that can be used to make hot chocolate as well. If it happens to have a canister inside which is empty or a designated hot-chocolate powder canister then just fill it up with your favorite powder.
  • A capsule coffee machine
    This one is a little tricky because this type works on a closed system which means you can only use a specific capsule brand that is compatible with that machine. That’s why to search for one that contains hot chocolate. Otherwise, if the machine is compatible with a milk powder capsule, just brew a cup of milk and add hot chocolate powder.
  • Bean to cup coffee machine
    You can do either one of these methods: froth a steaming cup of milk halfway and add a pack of hot chocolate. Stir in and dilute with hot water. The other option is to take a normal hot chocolate powder and decent hot water from the water spout.

This guide how to make hot chocolate with espresso machine will guarantee you to get the creamiest hot chocolate of your dream!

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single coffee cup maker

One of the popular devices that can be found in every home and offices nowadays are single cup coffee makers. These devices are getting more popular because of their features and benefits. Single cup coffee machines are very useful to people who love to drink coffee but do not have enough time to prepare their favorite espresso or cup of coffee in the morning.

There are various types of best single cup coffee maker in the market nowadays. These devices are very useful because preparing coffee also espresso is much easier can be done in a matter of time. Single cup coffee maker is also very easy to use. When you buy a single coffee maker, it comes with a manual on how to operate this device. Basically, you will just have to push some buttons and you are done.

Having a single serve coffee maker for espresso has a lot of benefits. You will never have to deal with a messy kitchen anymore because it will just prepare the right amount of espresso coffee that you want. No need to worry about getting late every morning because it can prepare freshly brewed coffee in a breeze.

If you want to buy the best coffee makers, one of the best places that you need to consider is the web. There are many online stores that can help you find the right single cup maker that you can use. Single coffee cup makers have different features and functions. If you just want a simple coffee maker that can help you prepare your favorite drink in the morning, then choose one that has the basic features. But if you are looking for an espresso machine or a more complicated and advanced coffee maker, make sure you have enough budget because it would be a bit expensive.

The popularity of Single Cup Coffee Makers

Waking up in the morning with a fresh brewed of coffee is a very common scenario for many people. It is a common routine that many people do before they go to work. However, some people find it tedious and time-consuming. That is why they go to coffee shops and just buy their favorite cup of coffee. But have you ever thought of your whole expense in a year? If you add all your expenses, you would be able to buy a coffee maker which is more convenient.

A single serve coffee maker is a very convenient device that can prepare freshly brewed coffee in a matter of time. By just pressing some buttons, you will be able to enjoy various flavors of coffee according to your preference. The good thing about this machine is that you can make an experiment and make your own flavors. You can also make the right amount so you will not throw any excess coffee that you make.

When shopping for this coffee machine, you will notice that they are available in various shapes, sizes, designs, and styles. Selecting best single serve cup coffee maker for you to use might be confusing at first because you will be offered with a lot of choices. However, you can determine which brand or type is suitable for you once you compare them. Comparing with other coffee makers so that you can identify which is the right one that can meet your needs.

There are also review sites available if you are not that familiar with these devices. It is much better to buy a product when you are familiar with it. Knowing its features and functions can help you to find the right single cup coffee maker to use.

Most people also have different taste and preference when it comes to their coffee. With a single cup machine, they will be able to enjoy the flavor and aroma that they want. When you have guests, you can offer them various flavors according to their preference.

Keurig single cup coffee

Keurig single cup coffee machine

A single coffee cup maker makes coffee with the use of pods. Like Keurig K Elite coffee maker, making coffee using this maker is very easy. Just place the pod in the machine and press the button. Cleaning it up is also very easy, so you do not need to worry about the mess. Also, you can make a cup of delicious hot chocolate with this best espresso machine. Learn how to make delicious hot chocolate with espresso machine.

Where to Buy Affordable Single Cup Coffee Makers

Every coffee makers with single cup have advantages over traditional coffee machines that is why they are getting popular nowadays. First, if you live alone, you will just be able to prepare a fresh espresso or cup of coffee for yourself. Unlike the traditional coffee machine that makes a lot of pots of coffee at a time. A single cup coffee maker allows you to enjoy an individual serving of freshly brewed coffee.

If you want to find the best single serve coffee makers on the market, the internet is a good place for searching. There are already hundreds or maybe thousands of online stores available today. You can also get it at your nearest coffee shop or at an appliance store. But, searching online is much easier compared to going to the appliance store in your local area. It is much easier to compare because there are a lot of comparison sites available. Review sites are also available for easy access if you want to get more information about these devices. That is why more people prefer to buy single cup coffee makers online because it is hassle-free and more convenient.

Decaf Coffee

It is everyone’s right to be able to thoroughly enjoy a good cup of decaf coffee whether it is flavored decaf coffee or natural. There are many reasons why people drink decaf coffee but regardless they should still be allowed to enjoy the ultimate gourmet coffee experience without the adverse effects caffeine can have on the body.

What is caffeine?

Where is caffeine found? Caffeine is a natural stimulant most often found in tea, coffee and chocolate plants. So, what is caffeine on coffee? Well, it is a colourless, odourless, slightly bitter substance found in coffee beans. After beans have been through the decafeination process – which is carried out whilst the beans are still green i.e. before roasting – they contain around 1/40th of the caffeine found in untreated beans. In fact, before a coffee producer in the USA can claim that a coffee is decaffeinated it has to have a minimum of 97% of the caffeine removed.

Different varieties of coffee beans contain varying levels of caffeine. A good example of this is the Arabica bean which is typically used in gourmet coffees. This coffee bean contains around half the caffeine of the next most commonly used coffee bean – the Robusta.

It is true to say that flavored decaf coffees and regular decaf coffees tend to be more expensive than their regular equivalent. This is due to the increased in production and labour costs because of the extra processing required by the green coffee beans to remove the caffeine.

Flavored decaf coffee beans then have a coating added which gives them the subtle overtones of which ever flavor takes your fancy to enhance the natural coffee flavor.

The compounds used are very complex and require specialist chemists to mix them to perfection – one flavour can in some instances contain up to 80 different components. The individual components are derived from both natural and synthetic sources. The natural flavorings being things such as vanilla, nut flavours the use of cloves and cinnamon is also common. Others with smoky or earth undertones are created synthetically in a lab.

With today’s technology and the skill of these specialist chemists virtually any flavor of decaf or regular coffee is possible – all you have to do in enjoy!

espresso cup and coffee beans

Have you ever sat down after a busy day to relax and enjoy a cup of espresso coffee only to be disappointed? The chances are the cause of the dreadful tasting coffee is the poor quality of the espresso coffee beans used to brew it. When this happens not only is your break spoilt but you have wasted good money on coffee beans which just don’t make the grade.

The Flavored Coffee Bean

These flavorings are added to the beans by coating them with a flavored compound which supplements and enhances the natural taste of the coffee bean. This practise has been around for hundreds of years in varying forms. It was used primarily to disguise any deterioration in the flavour of the coffee due to oxidation and decaffeination caused by the beans ageing. Today of course it is used merely as an indulgence.

Different types of coffee bean have different flavor attributes. However for the purpose of producing flavored coffee beans it is most often the Arabica bean which is used because of the fact that they are much lower in acidity and bitterness. Other beans such as the Robusta beans have a much harsher flavor.

The oils used to flavor the coffee beans come from both natural and synthetic sources which are brought together made into compounds by chemists who are expert in concocting flavors. You will find natural oils used from different varieties of nuts, berries and beans such as cocoa and vanilla. Other flavours for example cloves, chicory and cinnamon are also included.

After all these flavorings are there to enhance the coffee experience without taking over from the coffees own aromatic and character.

So, for a great cup of espresso coffee every time you should invest in the best coffee beans you can afford. How do you find the best coffee beans for espresso? Read this article to find out.

Tips on Buying Best Espresso Coffee Beans

Find the Best Store

To find the best coffee bean for espresso to suit your taste and your pocket start by finding your local speciality or gourmet coffee store. Here the staff should be knowledgeable about the various beans and roasts sold in the store. Many stores of this kind will also allow you to sample different coffees therefore you should be able to make an informed choice and actually purchase a bag of the best coffee beans to suit you!

Find the Best Type of Coffee Beans

There are many different types of coffee beans, however there are two which are used most often Arabica and Robusta. The Arabica coffee bean is probably the more preferred one because of its superior mild, yet aromatic flavour and low caffeine content.

How do you know your coffee beans are truly organic?

Find the Best in Freshness

Coffee demands freshness to be enjoyed at its best. For this reason it is very important you only buy freshly roasted beans, these will have a wonderful rich, full flavour as well as that unmistakable fresh coffee aroma. It makes no difference how expensive the coffee beans you buy are they will not produce the best coffee if they have been sitting around for ever!

Find The Best Roast for You

As well as getting the best coffee beans for espresso you have to find best roast to suit your palate.

  • Light Roast – sometimes known as a cinnamon roast. The coffee beans roasted in this way are pale brown and the flavour is a sharp acidic one.
  • Medium Roast – probably the most popular. This roast gives the coffee beans a bitter/sweet flavour and the beans are brown in colour.
  • Dark Roast – Also known as the Continental or Viennese Roast. This gives the beans as the name suggests a dark brown colour, almost black in the case of very dark roasted beans. The flavour is rich.

Having taken such great care in choosing the best espresso coffee beans you must take care to store them under the correct conditions when you get them home so, keep them in a cool dry place.

Once you have found the best coffee beans and roast for you can even order online and have your little indulgence delivered to your door!