How To Find The Best Coffee Beans for Espresso

espresso cup and coffee beans

Have you ever sat down after a busy day to relax and enjoy a cup of espresso coffee only to be disappointed? The chances are the cause of the dreadful tasting coffee is the poor quality of the espresso coffee beans used to brew it. When this happens not only is your break spoilt but you have wasted good money on coffee beans which just don’t make the grade.

The Flavored Coffee Bean

These flavorings are added to the beans by coating them with a flavored compound which supplements and enhances the natural taste of the coffee bean. This practise has been around for hundreds of years in varying forms. It was used primarily to disguise any deterioration in the flavour of the coffee due to oxidation and decaffeination caused by the beans ageing. Today of course it is used merely as an indulgence.

Different types of coffee bean have different flavor attributes. However for the purpose of producing flavored coffee beans it is most often the Arabica bean which is used because of the fact that they are much lower in acidity and bitterness. Other beans such as the Robusta beans have a much harsher flavor.

The oils used to flavor the coffee beans come from both natural and synthetic sources which are brought together made into compounds by chemists who are expert in concocting flavors. You will find natural oils used from different varieties of nuts, berries and beans such as cocoa and vanilla. Other flavours for example cloves, chicory and cinnamon are also included.

After all these flavorings are there to enhance the coffee experience without taking over from the coffees own aromatic and character.

So, for a great cup of espresso coffee every time you should invest in the best coffee beans you can afford. How do you find the best coffee beans for espresso? Read this article to find out.

Tips on Buying Best Espresso Coffee Beans

Find the Best Store

To find the best coffee bean for espresso to suit your taste and your pocket start by finding your local speciality or gourmet coffee store. Here the staff should be knowledgeable about the various beans and roasts sold in the store. Many stores of this kind will also allow you to sample different coffees therefore you should be able to make an informed choice and actually purchase a bag of the best coffee beans to suit you!

Find the Best Type of Coffee Beans

There are many different types of coffee beans, however there are two which are used most often Arabica and Robusta. The Arabica coffee bean is probably the more preferred one because of its superior mild, yet aromatic flavour and low caffeine content.

How do you know your coffee beans are truly organic?

Find the Best in Freshness

Coffee demands freshness to be enjoyed at its best. For this reason it is very important you only buy freshly roasted beans, these will have a wonderful rich, full flavour as well as that unmistakable fresh coffee aroma. It makes no difference how expensive the coffee beans you buy are they will not produce the best coffee if they have been sitting around for ever!

Find The Best Roast for You

As well as getting the best coffee beans for espresso you have to find best roast to suit your palate.

  • Light Roast – sometimes known as a cinnamon roast. The coffee beans roasted in this way are pale brown and the flavour is a sharp acidic one.
  • Medium Roast – probably the most popular. This roast gives the coffee beans a bitter/sweet flavour and the beans are brown in colour.
  • Dark Roast – Also known as the Continental or Viennese Roast. This gives the beans as the name suggests a dark brown colour, almost black in the case of very dark roasted beans. The flavour is rich.

Having taken such great care in choosing the best espresso coffee beans you must take care to store them under the correct conditions when you get them home so, keep them in a cool dry place.

Once you have found the best coffee beans and roast for you can even order online and have your little indulgence delivered to your door!

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