The Delights Of Flavored Decaf Coffee

Decaf Coffee

It is everyone’s right to be able to thoroughly enjoy a good cup of decaf coffee whether it is flavored decaf coffee or natural. There are many reasons why people drink decaf coffee but regardless they should still be allowed to enjoy the ultimate gourmet coffee experience without the adverse effects caffeine can have on the body.

What is caffeine?

Where is caffeine found? Caffeine is a natural stimulant most often found in tea, coffee and chocolate plants. So, what is caffeine on coffee? Well, it is a colourless, odourless, slightly bitter substance found in coffee beans. After beans have been through the decafeination process – which is carried out whilst the beans are still green i.e. before roasting – they contain around 1/40th of the caffeine found in untreated beans. In fact, before a coffee producer in the USA can claim that a coffee is decaffeinated it has to have a minimum of 97% of the caffeine removed.

Different varieties of coffee beans contain varying levels of caffeine. A good example of this is the Arabica bean which is typically used in gourmet coffees. This coffee bean contains around half the caffeine of the next most commonly used coffee bean – the Robusta.

It is true to say that flavored decaf coffees and regular decaf coffees tend to be more expensive than their regular equivalent. This is due to the increased in production and labour costs because of the extra processing required by the green coffee beans to remove the caffeine.

Flavored decaf coffee beans then have a coating added which gives them the subtle overtones of which ever flavor takes your fancy to enhance the natural coffee flavor.

The compounds used are very complex and require specialist chemists to mix them to perfection – one flavour can in some instances contain up to 80 different components. The individual components are derived from both natural and synthetic sources. The natural flavorings being things such as vanilla, nut flavours the use of cloves and cinnamon is also common. Others with smoky or earth undertones are created synthetically in a lab.

With today’s technology and the skill of these specialist chemists virtually any flavor of decaf or regular coffee is possible – all you have to do in enjoy!

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