How to Make Creamy Hot Chocolate with Espresso Machine

Hot Chocolate an espresso machine

You don’t have to always stick to the general convention especially when it comes to a coffee maker. Did you know you can also make delicious hot chocolate with an espresso machine? if you never like how hot chocolate turns out if you make it with a microwave because it always overflows then this trick should help you get the technique down. Find out how to make hot chocolate with espresso machine here and save yourself from possible failed attempts and mess.

What You Need to Make Delicious Hot Chocolate

The first thing you need to complete this method how to make hot chocolate with espresso machine is, of course, get all the necessary ingredients, such as:

  • A coffee maker or the best espresso machine you have
  • A few packs of hot chocolate mix
  • Water

How to Make it

  • You need to fill the espresso machine with water. You can fill it up with about 6 cups.
  • Pour the powder of hot chocolate from the packs into the coffee carafe place into the machine. For 6 cups of water, you can add 4 packs of the hot chocolate mix.
  • Turn the machine on and let it run
  • Stir the hot chocolate liquid when it’s all done and make sure the powder is all dissolved
  • Pour it into the mugs and add marshmallows

If you feel like making your own cocoa chocolate then here’s how you do it.

  • Grate two pieces of 100% cocoa chocolate on the finest side of the cheese grater
  • Fill a milk jug with the amount of milk you need for a single cup of hot chocolate
  • Put the grated chocolate into the milk and then stir it around for a little bit with a fork or spoon so it will distribute nicely.
  • Texture your milk with a steam wand with minimal froth and then stop when the temperature tag changes color.
  • From this on, you don’t need to stir it anymore because the hot chocolate is already perfectly distributed throughout the milk and you don’t need to worry about anything settling out on the bottom of the cup.

If you don’t own a cheese grater, you can ground cacao in the coffee maker in place of where you put the coffee. Use a blade grinder to do this because cacao contains high fat so it tends to clog the burrs of a coffee grinder. Don’t forget to grind much coarser than you normally would for espresso.

What Type of Coffee Maker is The Best for Making Hot Chocolate?

Another tip how to make hot chocolate with an espresso machine is choosing the right coffee machine. Also, that is important is knowing the type of coffee maker as well. There are several the best espresso machines you can buy in the market. If you have a limited budget but you want to have the best, you can start with an espresso machine under $300. With that price, you will get a perfect espresso machine to make a hot chocolate. So, here is the type of coffee maker you need to know.

  • A Coffee vending machine
    It’s the easiest type of coffee maker that can be used to make hot chocolate as well. If it happens to have a canister inside which is empty or a designated hot-chocolate powder canister then just fill it up with your favorite powder.
  • A capsule coffee machine
    This one is a little tricky because this type works on a closed system which means you can only use a specific capsule brand that is compatible with that machine. That’s why to search for one that contains hot chocolate. Otherwise, if the machine is compatible with a milk powder capsule, just brew a cup of milk and add hot chocolate powder.
  • Bean to cup coffee machine
    You can do either one of these methods: froth a steaming cup of milk halfway and add a pack of hot chocolate. Stir in and dilute with hot water. The other option is to take a normal hot chocolate powder and decent hot water from the water spout.

This guide how to make hot chocolate with espresso machine will guarantee you to get the creamiest hot chocolate of your dream!

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