What is an Organic Coffee Bean?

Organic coffee beans

What is an organic coffee bean? Organic coffee beans are beans which have been grown under strict conditions laid down by various governments and overseeing organizations ensuring the purity of the product.

In short, these conditions state that the organic coffee beans have to be grown without the use of chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers on land which has been left fallow for anything from three to ten years to allow any such chemicals existing in the soil to degrade. The coffee beans cannot be in any way genetically modified or given any chemicals to aid growth or improve the quality of the end product. Any flavoring added to the organic coffee beans must not be synthetic and the same applies to colorings and preservatives. Even the packaging must conform to prevent any chemicals or metal salts breaking down and contaminating the coffee beans during storage.

Any variety of coffee bean can be grown organically and all of the main coffee providers will have organic coffee beans available usually sold under their own label.

How do you know your coffee beans are truly organic?

The extent to which a bag of coffee beans are organic can vary but they must be labeled accordingly. They will have one of the three statements on the pack:

  1. 100% Organic Coffee Beans – If you see this you can be certain that the coffee beans you have purchased are completely organic.
  2. Organic Coffee Beans – To be allowed to display such a claim a minimum of 95% of the coffee beans are organic.
  3. Contains Organic Coffee Beans – Buy a pack of coffee beans with this label you would be guaranteed that 75% of the coffee beans in the packet are organic.

The main advantage which draws avid coffee drinkers to buy organic coffee beans is the knowledge that the beans they grind to make their morning coffee are totally unadulterated and the flavor they savor is that of pure coffee. The one disadvantage which may prevent some from purchasing 100% organic coffee beans is the cost – good things always come at a price.

The biggest barrier to purchasing organic coffee is that it is not always widely available at your local store – other than some specialty stores. It has to be borne in mind that sales of organic coffee beans still only make up a very small proportion of the coffee bean market. However, buying online is a great option. Top quality organic coffee beans delivered directly to your door.

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