What is Gourmet Coffee?

gourmet coffee

Coffee is what makes the world go round! Some of the most important historical events took place in coffee houses – one of the most famous has to be The Boston Tea Party which was planned in the Green Dragon Coffee House.

It is part of our culture and for many of us, it is our way of coping with a hectic lifestyle. It gets us moving in the morning and when we want to relax we reach for a steaming mug of coffee. So why do we often drink mediocre coffee when we should indulge ourselves in the best coffee we can afford.

Gourmet coffee

What is the difference? Well, quite simply gourmet coffee is produced using the best coffee beans – Arabica coffee beans to be precise as these are coffee beans of the highest quality and grow in countries across the world with dry, hot climates and areas of high altitudes such as Ethiopia, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia. There are many more coffee producing counties stretching along the line of the equator between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, 53 in all but the quality of beans does vary greatly.

Each year there are around 7 million tons of green coffee beans produced across the globe and when you consider that a huge percentage of these coffee cherries picked for gourmet coffee are picked by hand you can appreciate the task growers face. There is machinery available to carry out this work but it tends to damage the very delicate coffee beans. Consumers paying premium prices deserve a premium product and that is exactly what the producers aim to give them.

Gourmet coffee brings in millions and millions of dollars every year either through consumers purchasing their preferred gourmet coffee to consume in the comfort of their own homes or by those who prefer to visit a coffee shop favored by them for a daily coffee fix.

The ultimate in the enjoyment of gourmet coffee has to be purchasing good quality beans and grinding them as required for the freshest and best mug of coffee you will ever taste! Remember, it is best to freeze whole beans in a sealed container to keep them at their best, only removing enough to keep you in coffee for the day!


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